Most Cost Effective Promotional products

Most Cost Effective Promotional products

Jan 08, 2014

There are instances that we get clients that would ask us for ideas on what a good promotional item is. The following are probably the most common items that we take an order for.

Here are some of the most cost effective promotional products which you might need to consider in your promotional strategy:

Customized Caps/Hats are one of the most popular promotional products. It is mostly used on internal campaigns but is flexible enough to be given out on external promotions.
Also, it is a common knowledge that Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and some work standards require the use of Hats and Caps. Another advantage is that you can wear it regardless of the clothes you’re sporting.

Pens & Compendiums:

We would think that the time of Pen and Paper had passed us. But in all truths, some would still prefer to write on Paper. Who would blame them? It has a certain feel to it. If you ask a bookie, they would even say it has an “enchanting” smell. This is probably why some prefers to put their logo on these items. Add the fact that it is handy during conferences and it is convenient for attendees to have one. New compendium designs also incorporate tablet holders and pens would have a smart stylus for your phones.

Non-woven and Calico bags:

When you organize a conference, you would normally think of ways to make things convenient for your attendees and for conventions, you would like to be seen on the other side of the building. These bags are probably the best way to organize what your participants receive during the event let alone have a bigger print area than smaller items of the same cost.


As usability of the product is very important for a successful promotion, electronic devices like a USB flash drive is considered to be a popular promotional product. In this modern life, it is inevitable that we will be in front of a computer at one point in our day. That said, giving away these useful products to your target audience will yield good outcome in your promotional effort.

Travel/Ceramic Mugs and Water Bottles:

This is a very practical item given by companies/schools internally. It’s basically hitting two birds with one stone. They provide spill-proof containers to protect their workplace investments at the same time acts as a gift. It also keeps your coffee hot. Who would want cold coffee anyway? Well, if you do, the insulation can keep your iced coffee cold.


I don’t have the exact statistic, but as you read this article, would you be able to tell me how many people within your 10 meter radius has keys in their pockets, bags, purses, or cars? Well, if you’re around kids, please don’t count them in as they might not be fit to carry one yet. Keys has been a part of our life since locks has been invented and the extension of it, are the keyrings. Fun to functional, these items are great promotional products for your brand.

Beach Balls/Inflatables:

A lot would say inflatables are great during summer. But our clients order these all year round. They can be a good motivational tool, a toy, and a floating device. We can create one in your mascot’s likeness, noise makers, and other custom inflatables.

Promotional inflatable products,

Inflatable balls, and other giant marketing aesthetics that you see in big events.

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