Australia Day and Your Brand

Australia Day and Your Brand

Jan 07, 2014

History makes us understand who we are and how we came to be. In its records are defining moments that makes us who we are today. Human societies have the tradition of celebrating these important events as they have shaped our present lives. Australia Day is an important event that marked the birth of the present Australia or a day of celebration for the foundation of British settlements. This Day is celebrated annually on 26th of January as a national holiday with thousands of large and small events taking place across the nation. This day, as there are free barbeques, concerts, beach parties, festivals, etc, provides the best opportunity for businesses to reach out far and wide

Wide spread celebration:

Australia Day is a designated public holiday in all territories and states. People will have a day off from work and enjoy the day with various large gathering events such as sports, picnics, concerts, parties and ceremonies. This is a perfect opportunity for promoting products and services. Since this event only comes once a year, make hay while the sun shines!

Be a part of the community:

This day signify national unity and provides favorable situation for your company to get reacquainted with your customers by joining their celebrations and event through giving away promotional gifts. This will say that your business is a part of society and they will identify your company as an indigenous and credible organization.

Flaunt your spirit of patriotism:

This event is close to our dear hearts. An event where people celebrate patriotism and unity. So, handing out gifts and your participation in various events on this day will symbolize your brand's spirit of patriotism.

Get well-remembered:

You have to remember, promotional products can last for years and the items you give away can serve as souvenirs to good memories. Your customers will feel better about you when they tie your brand to the emotional state that they are in. Let alone be remembered in a very light and positive way.

New customers:

In this type of event, people from different walks of life come together and gather in one place. This phenomenon provides you the opportunity to advertise and introduce yourself by giving away promotional products to a large number of people- your future customers.

Customize your products:

Choose the right products and customise them with patriotic quotes, themes and logos. No need to think of Murphy's Law as this sort of large gathering guarantees huge possibility of extensive branding for your business.

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