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Big or small, inside or outside, practical or impossible to believe, promotional inflatables are everywhere! Take a look next time you are driving around your town, inside a shopping centre, at the beach or even just in your local grocer's and you'll be hard pressed to not see some form of inflatables. Promotional beach balls are one of the all time favourites with kids and adults alike and they can be customised to not only your colours, branded with your logo but you can even put an inflatable of your product inside the beach ball! Other fun promotional inflatables like inflatable couches, pool mats and swim rings are some of our fun items but that's not all. Running an in store promotion but need something to draw the eye? Try a customised inflatable animal or better yet your company mascot! Don't think it's possible to put a car on the roof of your shop? Guess again because with an inflatable it's not impossible! For a highly visible promotional item we can create large scale inflatables of your products - don't get stuck with one of those hot air balloons with a boring sign, be creative and contact us for a customised promotional inflatable that's right for your promotional needs and your business!

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