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Promotional Pedometers are an effective tool for any fitness related campaign. With obesity on the rise, and the health and diet industry becoming big business it makes good sense to promote a healthy lifestyle. But we all know that life is hectic so what's an easy, cost effective low impact exercise that fits into your day - walking! Promotional pedometers are a great gift and a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle to your clients and your employees. They come in a range of colours and can be customised to your corporate colours with your logo or brand name on them. We can supply eco-friendly promotional pedometers, water powered pedometers, pedometers with FM radios, pedometers with MP3 players, clip on pedometers, badge pedometers, heart rate pedometers, the list goes on so have a look at our range and contact us for your customised promotional needs. For large quantities we can supply directly from the factory so you can save up to 70%.

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