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Promotional USB Items - Custom Shaped USB Drives, USB Hubs, USB Fans, & More

Looking for a useful promotional product that not only promotes your brand but is useful as well? What about USB hardware or a USB flash drive? Boring? No chance! Flash drives can be custom made to your brand shape, your logo, or even your mascot! USB Flash drives can be incorporated into many items - think jewelry, funky little people, keyrings, toys, wristbands, pens and even credit cards, from novelty items to practical convenient shapes! And don't forget not only can promotional flash drives get your brand across visually but they can be preloaded with relevant information such as your electronic brochures and presentation videos! Or are you thinking of something a little different, maybe a promotional USB drink warmer, USB batteries, USB desk lamps! Take a look at our range or contact APD Promotions for a customized promotional USB item to suit your brand and your budget!

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