What Are The Best Promotional Products?

What Are The Best Promotional Products?

Jan 13, 2014

The benefits of promotional products are enormous and they do the trick in exposing/propagating/promoting a brand. They are the best tried and tested method of promotional strategy but, there are certain things one has known in order to get promotional campaign down to a fine art. Promotional products need to be handpicked since there are many options available. Learning and deciding which the best are is half the battle won.

According to the study conducted by PPAI, top promotional product in terms of percentage of consumers&desires:

Items that can be consumed (e.g., food gifts) are 58%. Wearables such as caps T-shirts, jackets, etc. are 50%. Tech related items like mouse pads, flash drives, keyboards, etc. are 46%. Products like bags, notebooks, briefcases, etc. which can help collect/organize things are 46%. Writing tools like pens, pencils, markers, etc. are 40%. Items that assist users' time-schedule such as desk planner, calendars, watches, etc. have considerable percentage of consumers&; desire.

Top promotional products as per current market share:

Wearables occupy 31.1%. Writing instrments have 9.0% Calendars have 8.4% Drinkware-6.8% Bags have 6.5%


Caps, T-shirts, jackets, etc. are tried and accepted to be the most effective products for any promotional campaign. These items go the extra mile in endorsing and exposing a business. Personalized clothing are always stylish since they are unique. When it comes to popularizing a brand, these items help any brand to skyrocket its popularity as people usually walk around wearing these products.


Although calendars are as classic and as old as human history, they still are terrific products for promotional purposes. As these are commonly used items, customizing or printing the recipient's name on the calendar, well-designed in terms of picture theme, graphic (with attractive color and text) are to be done. Calendars are inexpensive and is considered a “daily-use” item. For massive distributions, these are the perfect products, your company name will surely be all over the place.


Mugs, cups, drink bottles, drink holders, travel mugs, plunger set, etc. are hot items in the drinkware category. Drinking tea or coffee is a usual in our lives. Imprinted and customized mugs are attractive and they are not only seen by the people from your environment but by visitors as well.

Writing Instruments:

These items are still popular like the way they’ve always been. The important thing about these items is that, they are very useful as always and are kept by recipients. They should be simply designed and colored to avoid making them look cheap and ordinary.

Tech Gadgets:

These products are constantly gaining popularity due to our increasing dependence on technology. The most popular of such include accessories mouse pads

flash drives,

Computer speakers, CD carry case and other computer and phone accessories.

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