Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker
Wi-Fi Seeker

Wi-Fi Seeker


Never again will you need to wait to boot up your notebook only to realize that you do not
have good WIFI access. Now, with a press of a button on the WIFI detector, you're in the
vicinity of a wireless network. The detector is an ultra-sensitive receiver that can detect WIFI signals for both 802.11b and 802.11g standards. Its directional antenna allows you to move towards the direction of a stronger signal.

Silver color, big logo imprinting included
Ideal for promotion, logo imprinting service is available
No software or computer required
Fastest connection
Novel, small and easy to carry
Three LED indicators with scan back and forth looking for signal
Simply push the button to activate the speaker
Green flash light for signal and bright red flash light for no signal
More the green lights, stronger the signal
With a key ring
Easy to check if in W LAN / WiFi zone (hotspot)
A remarkable device for locating, ideal wireless internet access zones
Pocket-sized design perfect for a busy lifestyle
The ideal companion for professionals travelling around the world

Status Indicator: Red(Battery Strength)
Green(WiFi signal Strength)
Operating Voltage: 3V (2xAG13 battery)
Operating Range
Open Space: 100-200m
Indoor: 25-50m
Temperature Range
0 to 60 degree (Operating)
-20 to 75 degree (Storing)

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