PVC UV Watch
PVC UV Watch
PVC UV Watch
PVC UV Watch
PVC UV Watch
PVC UV Watch

PVC UV Watch

$0.00 - $0.50

Size: 24*3.8*0.15cm or 20*3.8*0.15cm; Material: Photochromic PVC

UVwatch like clock form. The central part is made with photosensitive material and changes colour with the intensity of the UV radiation.

In order to know the UV index, compare the colour in the central part of the quadrant  with the 4 colours that are around it.

The 4 colours indicator go from the clearest to the darkest in function  of the minus or greater intensity of UV rays:

Low intensity : UV index 1-2  (The protection is not necessary) 
Moderate intensity: UV index 3-5 (is necessary the protection: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat and  sun protection).
High intensity: UV index  6-7 (is necessary the protection: Put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat, sun protection).
Very high / Extreme intensity: UV index  8-9-10 / 11 + (avoid to be outdoors).

It's enough to apply sun cream on your body and on the transparent plastic film covering the center area of the product at the same time to check when the sun filter has worn off and it is time to re-apply the sun cream.

Price range based on minimum order quantity of 50,000pcs.

Please note that the price ranges shown above are indicative only and are based on large quantity orders and must not be considered as the final quoted price. Please contact us if your order quantity is lower/higher than the quantity mentioned above. Pricing may not include branding. Product features listed against each item are as per claims from their manufacturers/suppliers.

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