PVC Keychain UV Tester
PVC Keychain UV Tester

PVC Keychain UV Tester

$0.00 - $0.50

    Size: 4.5x 4 x 0.45cm; Material: Photochromic PVC

    The center area of the product can change colors according to sun UV radiation, higher the sun UV radiation, deeper the color change, compare the color change to the 4 standard colors(low, moderate, high, very high/extreme) around and you can see low, moderate, high or very high/extreme level of solar energy or sun UV radiation;It's enough to apply sun cream on your body and on the transparent plastic film covering the center area of the product at the same time to check when the sun filter has worn off and it is time to re-apply the sun cream;

    This product is very good marketing premium for solar energy and cosmetic industry.You can use it to check sun energy to decide if you can use the solar energy equipment,you can also use it to check solar UV radiation to remind you to take anti-UV action for skincare in outdoor activities.

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