The 10,000 Steps Corporate Challenge

The 10,000 Steps Corporate Challenge

Mar 25, 2014

Walking and running are definitely my ideal forms of exercises. First of all, they are free, and secondly, they can either be a solo or group activity. In my search to find a way to accurately monitor my progress to a healthier lifestyle-so that I can also share the results with colleagues and friends-I was struck by the sudden question: Are the kilometers walked what really matters? Or is it the number of steps? As people have varying choices of distance when it comes to their walking exercises, as well as difference in strides, I finally decided to target 10,000 steps a day. After reading a few articles related to walking exercises, what stood out to be consistent information is this: '10,000 steps is the daily recommended step goal for a healthy individual. For a working mum like me, I don’t have the ability to physically do my usual everyday routine while counting in my head every step I make. A pedometer is a device that measures the distance and counts the steps a person takes while walking by detecting the motion of the person’s hips. There is a wide variety of pedometers available in the market today. More and more organizations have come to recognize the importance of health and wellness in their workforce, mostly for employees like me-an aggressive 32-year-old, out-there-to-conquer-the-world mother of two, and a seemingly promising candidate to be a consistent contributor to an organization’s growth for a good 25 or so years. The workforce, which includes me, is very much grateful that our employers genuinely care for us. So here's my proposed corporate challenge: For every single day that you wake up in the morning, before putting on your make-up or suit, wear your pedometer first. If your office is just a mere 30-minute walk, forget the car and just go for it! While emailing has become a convenient way to communicate with a colleague on another floor of the building, why don't you get up, walk over to their desk, and talk to them face to face? Is it a habit for you to take the lift? Consider the stairs instead. Make that choice to live a healthier lifestyle-partner with APD PROMOTIONS to know which pedometer is suitable for your workforce, or even your clients.

How to choose the right pedometer:

1. What is my budget?
The most basic ones could be as cheap as a little over $2.00. Of course, price is totally dependent on quantity, but as a basic rule, more quantity purchased will save you more money!

2. Local stocked option or factory direct?
Well, if you are ordering in large quantities without a tight delivery deadline, go for factory direct. You’ll be surprised at how cheap it can be, with savings of up to 70 percent of the cost compared to local stocked option. However, if you are only ordering 250 pieces and you need them in 2 weeks’ time, then local stocked option is the way to go.

Still unsure of the difference between the two services?
Not to worry; sourcing straight from the factory with no middlemen jacking up the price, APD Promotions will provide the most suitable, cost-effective option for your requirement whenever applicable. With the intent to give more value to your buck, APD Promotions will surely point to the direction that would best work for you, straight away. 

3. Do I want to give my brand an edge and be distinct from everyone else?
Then I suggest you go for custom-made via factory direct. APD Promotions specialises in customising pedometers. Yes, they can create a new mould to produce your gadget according to your desired shape, colour, size, and even provide options for materials. 

4 What type of pedometers are out there?
There are a gazillion of choices, but to name a few, there are battery- or water-operated, solar-powered, rechargeable, buttonless, torch, bike and even shoe pedometers. Fancy or not, it’s important to calibrate your pedometer correctly, otherwise you would be cheating your steps. 

5 What are the pedometer features that I should be considering?
You have more freedom in integrating multiple features if you have your pedometer custom-made; but if not, select pedometers with features that are most suitable for your target demographic. If you think your staff or customers will be all the more motivated when their strides are accompanied with Olivia Newton-John ‘Let’s Get Physical!’ (So 80’s, I know, but you get the picture), then go for something that has an MP3 player or FM radio. If you want them to do a weekly run down of pedometer activities, then have a 7-day memory recall feature on it. To cover all bases, consider having not just a step counter, but also calories, distance or even body fat index detector. Still not enough? Consider a clock, 5-steps buffer error correction, pulse detection, 3D accelerometer sensor, different backlight features and, for convenience, opt for a detachable belt clip. If that still doesn’t cut it, plot out your requirement and collaborate with APD Promotions- they will tailor-fit everything to your needs.

6 Packaging?
For finishing touches, you can opt for a blister pack, cardboard boxes, tin cans, shrink packs, pouches and so much more. 

7 Other ideas?
Go full force on your campaign and consider giving your promotional pedometers in a set-include items like sun visors, sports towels, drink bottles, and put it all in a sports bag that has your corporate colours. Now that you are all set, you can start challenging your organization and clients to start the 10,000 steps for a healthier lifestyle. Visit , or directly contact APD Promotions at 1-300-795-273, for more expert advice on the topic.

After an 8-year stint in the field of advertising, public relations and events management, Tee Soriano has developed an interest in the import and export process of merchandising items shortly after being a mom of a now 4-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter. As a promotional items insider with experience in the industry for over four years now, she found it necessary to share insider point of views relevant for business owners and staff.

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