Are you looking for the Best Promotional Rugby Balls?

Are you looking for the Best Promotional Rugby Balls?

Apr 07, 2014

If you live in Australia, you know the importance of rugby. Even if you don’t know much about the game, chances are you know people who do. Especially if you are managing promotional events that are related to this sport. If you are clueless about the game, do not panic. Below are good pointers on how to choose the best promotional rugby balls or rugby related item. In Australia, "rugby" and "football" (or sometimes called “footy”) are kind of synonymous and generally used interchangeably. Football, in this instance, is not to be confused with soccer, as it is a whole different ball game.

Let& get down to it right away.

So, you are planning a promotion for a rugby-related event.

What are your key options?

The most obvious promotion item would be a rugby ball itself. I mean, a A promotional rugby ball is not as expensive as you think. If you are planning to give away, say, 10,000 balls, your per unit cost is likely to be around 3 to 4 dollars.

Imagine the value of giving away a rugby ball: The ball is going to be used, of course, and will most probably be seen by 5 to 10 people as it gets tossed around in the field or in your backyard. Even if the grown-ups won’t be playing with the ball, the younger kids in the household will definitely do. Who would ignore a nice-looking, custom-made rugby ball? If your budget won’t allow for an authentic, full-size rugby ball, you still have a variety of options: You can opt for a smaller rugby ball, an inflatable one, or a ball made from foam. If you have a smaller budget, you can go with a rugby "stress ball," which is a lot cheaper and is also available in an AFL (Australian Football League) shape. Or you can go with a foam-stuffed one. Smaller rugby balls and foam balls can be as low as 1 dollar if bought in large quantities. We can customise rugby, footy, or AFL balls in almost any style, size, and material. We can even make rugby balls in the form of beach balls !

Contact APD Promotions and take a look at our wonderful ideas for your rugby-related promotion - with ball sizes ranging from 6 centimetres up to 1000-centimetre jumbo ones.

Our most popular promotional rugby balls are made from synthetic rubber material, which is durable and non-slip. These balls are hand-stitched, providing a nice quality finish and guarantees longevity.

The rugby balls can be completely customised with any type of printing; you may choose to print on specific panels (a rugby ball has 4 panels), or you may want to print your design all over the ball. Your choice.

If you feel that a rugby ball won't work for your event, well, we have thousands of other options. Just contact us at 1300 795 273, or email us at Let us do the hunting for you and provide you with cool ideas for your next campaign.



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