APD Promotions has developed and managed OMS for Airbnb for several year

Airbnb’s almost-overnight rate of expansion necessitated the need for it to create and nurture connections. Their previous merchandise management program was unable to deliver the savings they had hoped from volume expansions. Furthermore, delivery times were sluggish.

This world-renowned online accommodations marketplace is one of the major clients benefiting from the APD Promotions OMS. Ready-to-ship Airbnb merchandise is located at a centralised warehouse in China, where APD Promotions holds offices close to product manufacturers, and in close proximity to major freight hubs.

In maintaining this OMS, APD Promotions adopted a Just-in-Time (JIT) product fulfilment philosophy. Through the APD Promotions OMS, international merchandise deliveries can now be fulfilled at extremely low costs.

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Airbnb Water Bottle
Airbnb T-shirt


Cost Saving
33% Cost savings on merchandise
International Freight Saving
30-50% Savings on international freight
Delivery Lead Time Reduction
35-40% Reduction in delivery lead times
APPA Award

APD Promotions was recognised as an industry leader for developing and running the Online Merchandise Store (OMS) for Airbnb across the Asia Pacific region, and won the coveted APPA* Award for the Merchandise/Catalogue Programs.

*Australasian Promotional Products Association

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