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  • 1. What kind of products can you source?

    Almost anything! From small goods such as key chains to large items such as 20-metre inflatables; if you have an idea, but not sure how to source it, just contact us and we can advise you and help you find the right solution that can achieve your objectives.

  • 2. How much quantity can I order? Is there a minimum?

    As we provide low-cost sourcing solutions, the total value of the products you are looking to source plays an important role. The higher the value of the goods, the higher the savings for you. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that your budget be more than A$20,000 for us to be able to provide the most cost-effective solution. The quantity is less relevant, but the size and the weight of the goods are also quite crucial as we need to calculate how many units can fit in a container. As there are different container sizes (20ft, 40ft, 40ft HQ, etc), it will also depend on which container size will be most cost-effective for your need.

    Also, if you are looking to make repeat purchases, the cost can be further reduced in the initial run but it will require a firm purchase order that indicates your requirement on a long-term basis to secure better pricing upfront. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you if it will be cost-effective to source from overseas or find a lower cost option locally.

  • 3. Why are your prices so low?

    Our prices are low on large orders since we work directly with the factories/manufacturers for customised products. Majority of the prices quoted on our website are based on order value of A$20,000 or above (unless otherwise specified). Because of bulk quantity, we get OEM rates from the manufacturers which is significantly lower than the price you would usually pay at retail outlets. Our prices are inclusive of everything on indent items (except GST which is claimable by the buyer as a GST input credit, unless otherwise specified) including delivery to your predefined location.

  • 4. How does your service work?

    There are various stages in which we work with our clients. The process starts with your initial enquiry. We obtain as much information as possible for your requirements. Should you require, we can provide you with a sample of the item (sample charges may apply). Upon approval of the sample or the artwork, we raise a tax invoice and require 50% deposit before placing the order. We carry out quality control, and, depending on your needs, inspect products prior to acceptance and delivery. We manage the customs clearance and transportation to your nominated location.

  • 5. Why should we use you for sourcing our products?

    We have a robust process in place to source your products from the best factories that will give the highest value for your money. In addition, you will gain many other benefits such as:

    • You will save time and money. We can manage everything for you.
    • We are not tied to any particular suppliers, so we can negotiate best rates from many factories.
    • We find the right factories and suppliers from around the world.
    • We are able to negotiate the best price due to high volumes.
    • We manage the whole delivery process and logistics, and deliver to your specified address.
    • We get the best freight rates for your shipment.
    • We have local staff in multiple countries around the world that provide local coordination.
    • We manage quality control including factory compliance and audits.
    • We reduce the risk of IP infringement and work with suppliers to protect your Intellectual Property.
  • 6. Can you also provide design services for our product requirements?

    Yes, we can also assist you with your design needs related to your product requirements. We have a design team that can provide you with multiple options for various components of your project.

  • 7. What are the different delivery methods you offer?

    The delivery method is dictated by your project needs. It will primarily depend on the quantity you require, and how quickly the goods are to be delivered. While sea freight can take a long time (around 4 weeks from China, and 6 weeks from India), it provides the most cost-effective medium for bringing in large quantities in containers.

    Sometimes, it may be more effective to bring in goods by air freight or door-to-door international courier where the delivery deadline is very short, but this has its own cost implications. Using air-freight, we can usually deliver goods within a week. Occasionally, it may be necessary to utilise a combination of different freight methods.

  • 8. Who manages customs requirements and clearance?

    We manage all import requirements and clearance on your behalf. We liaise with the customs authorities, prepare appropriate documentation for customs clearance, and pay any taxes that are charged on the goods. Our quote to you would have already included these charges - unless otherwise stated differently in the order - and may differ for delivery to different parts of the world.

  • 9. What are your payment terms?

    For any new project, we require 50% deposit before production, and balance is due when the goods are ready to be shipped. Our quotes are exclusive of GST/VAT, and this is added to the quote as a claimable item. We accept payment via Telegraphic Transfer or through Bank Transfer. We also accept payment by credit card for smaller orders but card surcharge of 2% applies (Amex/Mastercard/Visa). Our pricing may also change due to Foreign Exchange rate fluctuations. Our quotes are usually valid for 7 days.

  • 10. How can I get more information?

    The best way is to contact us by phone, online chat, e-mail, or by completing the enquiry form.

    You can send your enquiries by e-mail to info@apdpromotions.com.au, or call us on your local number listed on our contact us page.

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