What is the best way to choose promotional products for your campaign?

What is the best way to choose promotional products for your campaign?

Aug 17, 2023

Promotional products are an effective way of advertising your business. There are promotional items and promotional opportunities that you can use to get your brand seen, regardless of the industry you are in.  

With so many promotional items available, how do you decide what is the most appropriate product to choose?  

Choosing effective promotional products requires consideration of these key aspects: 

Consider your target audience. 
Research your target market as well as what kind of products will be highly appealing to them, along with those products that will have a positive impact on your business image in their eyes. If you are targeting health-conscious people, then choosing fitness-related products as promotional items will be more likely to appeal than other items. Whereas for a  pharmaceutical or skincare company, an item that complements your product, such as a toiletry or cosmetics bag, or a rubber duck for bath-related products. It is important to choose a promotional item that is appropriate for your product and your target audience.
Stay within your budget. 
Your budget is very important, and sticking to it while considering your business image as well as your company values is also essential. Choose promotional items for giveaways that are within your budget and suitable for your target market. Consider a budget-friendly gift that can be packed with your products, especially at the point of sale, a promotional idea that can sway a client's behaviour toward your products. While staying within your budget, depending on your target audience and marketing strategy, you may prefer to choose a lower-cost product that you can purchase in large quantities or a higher-priced item for a smaller audience. 

The usability and also reusability of a promotional product is an important consideration. An unsuitable or ill-received promotional item may be discarded or even negatively impact your audience. A branded item that can be reused has high perceived value and is right for your target audience can result in effectively repromoting your brand with every use to both the receiver and those around them. It can also have a positive impact on your brand image with every use.
Your business image 
Choosing a promotional gift that is in keeping with your brand image is also important. Are you a fun-loving company that promotes active lifestyles or a more serious corporate business? Your choice of promotional item should consider your business image.   

The above points are some of the things to consider when choosing a promotional product for your next campaign.
If you are uncertain about which promotional product to choose for your business, contact us, and you will find the perfect promotional product to kick off your advertising efforts.



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