Sales Driven Promotional Items in the Real Estate Industry

Sales Driven Promotional Items in the Real Estate Industry

May 30, 2014

The real estate industry is a busy and dynamic industry with highly energised and enthusiastic staff. They are all geared up for that exciting deal that can earn them their commission. When you have a new property development that you’re planning to launch, you would definitely need to mobilize your brokers and sales agents. The marketing department will surely be planning a huge and fun-filled sales event for your property brokers and investors. One way to boost your event is those novel giveaways branded with your company logo – a good way to promote the company image and its ideals.

Here are some fun ideas for promotional items that carry your brand in a most distinct way – promotional products that can be given as soon as participants sign-up to register or as giveaways at your event.

APD Promotions can work with your company for the best customised promotional material at the lowest possible prices. Highly cost effective, these items can easily be a part of your marketing budget. Our customised promotional products are the lowest in the market at only a fraction of the normal retail cost.

Some great ideas for your event are the anti-Stress House, the satin chrome rotating house key ring, velocity card holder , a house shaped notepad and a magnetic to do list with a house shaped magnet.

Remember squeezing that anti-stress ball, those soft, malleable toys that are lovely to squeeze and manipulate with the fingers? Our Anti-Stress House, with your logo printed on its rooftop, can help relieve stress and muscle tension while your agents figure out how to close a deal with a potential buyer. These cute and soft houses are a good way to exercise the muscles of the hand before that crucial meeting, a novel way to clear one’s head from all that exciting tension.

Our satin chrome rotating house key ring with your logo, all bright and shiny imprinted with laser on the rotating house-shaped chrome is one of the most practical giveaway gifts that can also be used as a promotional item upon closing a deal with a client. These key rings can further induce your buyers by giving them an object that will symbolize ownership of the new property they will be buying.

Or you may want the magnetic velocity card holder with a house-shaped magnet that can carry your logo. These would be an ideal gift for brokers to store their business cards – an ideal accessory to a busy office desk.

Next time you’re planning any real estate related event or activity, keep APD Promotions in mind for an effective and cost efficient way of branding. You may choose from our wide range of items that can carry your company logo in some of the most unique ways possible. Need expert advice? Call us at 1300 795 273 or visit our website at

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