Promotional Products for the NRL Grand Final

Promotional Products for the NRL Grand Final

Jul 22, 2014

The108th National Rugby League (NRL) Grand Final just around the corner, everyone is getting pumped up. The Grand Final is slated for October 5th, 2014 and ANZ Stadium in Sydney is expected to be packed. Last year’s official attendance was a whopping 81,491! Not surprising, as NRL is one of the country’s major and largest-attended sporting events. Now, imagine the day of the Grand Final; a colossal crowd of spectators filling each and every 83,500 seat of the Olympic Stadium. Envision the live broadcast on television. Now, picture your brand seen by the thousands. Yes, your company logo could be on a drinking bottle, or on a sports hat, or on any of the promotional sporting products that we have. Whether you are sponsoring the NRL, or you are a company gearing up for the once-a-year opportunity of driving your brand to a massive crowd, we have some suggestions to help you pick from the hottest promotional products that we have.


Everybody at the NRL will need to keep hydrated, and with your brand on promotional water bottles.


Before the big game on October 5th, handing out face paints to NRL fans is a great example of an promotional product that is suitable and usable for this event . Many fans love to wear their loyalty on their face for all the country to see and you will get your brand seen in by thousands! Think of branded tubes of face paint, face paint cards (just wet and apply!), face paint sticks, face paint pocket tins, and even face paint balls—stylish sphere-shaped casing available in a range of semi-translucent colours, all perfect with your logo decorated on them. Our face paints come in multiple colours, non-spf zinc and fragrance-free.


With a our huge range of products there are so many options!. A branded self-inflating stadium cushion will make the game a lot more comfortable; a mini radio to hear all the action even over above the shrieks of the crowd; a pair of ear plugs to survive the high sound levels inside the stadium; promotional binoculars to avoid missing any of the action. Whatever budget you have, or if you have some ideas for customised products, we can certainly help you figure out the ideal promotional merchandise for you or contact us for more information. Call us at 1-300-795-273.

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