How To Choose The Best Promotional Soccer Balls

How To Choose The Best Promotional Soccer Balls

Apr 18, 2014

If you are a marketing manager tasked to run a soccer-related promotion but has never played the game before, or maybe a previous player? Perhaps a diehard fan? Then you are reading the right article. This may be a valuable information which you can use if you are planning the same or similar type of promotion.


The best item that you may want to consider for this type of promotion is the soccer ball itself. Promotional companies like APD Promotions can custom-make these balls in almost any size and style. Depending on your budget of course, they can supply these at extremely low prices- as low as $2 for a full-size (subject to large order quantity), or you can choose a high-performance "match" standard ball that is hand-stitched, which can be 30-50% more expensive than the standard ones.


Satisfying your creative juices in conceptualising the overall look won't be a problem at all as you have freedom to choose in the colour and patterns of your choice other than the standard 32-panel design. Also offering a wide variety of materials, such as synthetic rubber, PVC, PU, as well as different types of finish, such as shiny/metallic or matte. APD Promotions can custom-make based on your concept or artwork and can be printed full colour and can cover even up to 100% of the surface.


Size is a consideration as well. Sizes start at 0 and goes up to a size 5, which is the official standard size; however, a promotional company can custom-make one for you in any measurement.


For promotional soccer balls, the minimum size is around 10cm in diameter. If you are looking for something smaller you may consider other options such as a 6 cm stress ball (also available in larger sizes) which can be priced at less than a dollar. Another alternative is stuffed with fibre and having softer surface-very popular for signing at sporting events. These can be as low as $1.


In terms of cost, stress balls are at the lowest end of the price spectrum, and real inflatable ones are at the highest end. If you are looking for value on your money, the real inflatable soccer balls are the best investment, as these would offer higher perceived value to the end user. For example, if you are looking to distribute 10,000 pieces, your price will be within the range of $3 to $4, depending on the material.


Other than the balls themselves, you may consider other related items, such as inflatable cheering hands, inflatable cheering sticks, key rings, drink bottles, compressed towels, caps, horns, backpacks and drawstring bags, all in soccer theme.


Still cannot decide? Then just call APD PROMOTIONS at 1300 795 273, or email us at We will do our best to present you with an amazingly wide range of ideas that will surely get you fired up for your next campaign!

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