How to choose Promotional Products

How to choose Promotional Products

Nov 28, 2013

We all love gifts and freebies! This is the reason why we tend to develop attraction towards the gifts. Promotional products are the most effective and cost-effective way of branding and advertising your business. Choosing the right item is the key to enhance the most successful of promotional campaigns. Identifying the right promotional item seems like an overwhelming task as it involves various factors so it’s important to understand all these and act upon accordingly to find out which promotional product best suits your business. The followings points are the most important factors in choosing promotional products

Know your target audience:

Researching on your target demographic is a must; finding their interests and which product/service is useful to them is critical to choosing the right promotional item. Once a reliable and accurate research outcome is achieved, you can go forward and make the right choice. Conducting a short electronic survey will certainly help in choosing the right item. For example: Men and women differs in the kind of gifts they receive. Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) survey shows that women got more safety kits, bags, calendars, while men received more electronics, caps, and t-shirts than women. Also older people received more of the top CPI (Cost per Impressions) promotional products like calendars and pens while younger people received more safety items and promotional food products.


This is one of the most important conditions that comes into your mind when choosing promotional products. This may not be the only determining factor but, this certainly is a decisive aspect in choosing the giveaways. If your budget is limited, choosing cheaper but cost effective products like calendars, pens, highlighters, pencils, etc. will be effective and rewarding. Otherwise, handing out leather briefcases for corporate promotional campaign can be a wise choice.

Choosing useful products:

It is very important to hand out useful items as nobody likes useless products. Through promotional items you are showing your appreciation to your clients, thus giving them items which they need will be considered sincere and helpful. The best promotional products will be coming from the right supplier. A reputable company that offers reliability, reasonable price, after services, product quality, safety, and prompt shipping/delivery will provide you with enormous opportunities for a successful promotional campaign. This kind of company will be capable of providing a wide range of quality products and will also assist you through and after the sales process. Moreover, a good supplier will be efficient in printing on your products, customizing package designs, and modifying the product to suit your campaign requirements, which in turn will make your gift a special one. Always remember that promotional products represent your company and they carry huge impression for your brand and your company. This means it is best not to cut corners. Make sure your items follow the contemporary trend and style and they are of high quality. Handing out cheap and low quality items may damage your company's brand. Choosing campaign and industry related promotional products will definitely have an impact on your brand. This will help establish a link between the product and your company. Example, Air fresheners and/or car emergency kits will be a wise choice for a roadside assistance and towing company as it reflects the company's image and the item immediately relates to their service.

Distributing the product:

When choosing the items, you have to consider its distribution. You have to know the location, the people, and where the merchandise is coming from as the costs for these can really strain your budget, not to mention longer lead times if the supplier has to repack the order. Though most if this side is handled by your promotional company, it is best to consider these so you don't get caught unaware.

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