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Hop! Hop! Hop! - Apr 7, 2017
Easter is just around the corner so chocolate is on the agenda! Whether you just like a nibble here and there or it’s a must have, this time of the year is great for chocolate and sweets. In the promotions industry chocolates and sweets are a sure fire way to put a smile on faces so hit the spot with a promotional confectionery. Mints, jelly beans, chocolates and other sweets can be packaged in pillboxes, clear containers, tins, paper bags and gift bags and branded ready for your next promotional giveaway..... read more
Are you charged up? - Mar 31, 2017
Are you tired of your mobile phone or tablet running out of charge? Mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, and other portable electronic devices are part of life and when you have no charge it is a cause for alarm, so power banks are a must! Promotional power banks are a great idea for your next promotional campaign and they come in a range of shapes – from pockets size to pen combos – and in all the colours of the rainbow or even customised to your company colours. Easy to use and handy, promotional power banks are a great useful .... read more
Rain, rain go away! - Mar 20, 2017
While some parts of Australia swelter others are seeing rainy day after rainy day. Weather related or even season related promotional products are useful to the consumer and often have a high retention rate meaning your promotional keeps getting seen. Promotional products for raining weather can be a great way to get your brand seen and suitable for everything from events, giveaways, gifts and sponsorships. Promotional wet weather gear ranges from the cost effective (and great for sports events) rain ponchos, to compact umbrellas, golf umbrellas, rain jackets, raincoats and even gumboots. So get your brand seen with promotional .... read more
We will rock you! - Mar 15, 2017
On players, apps, phones, tv’s, car entertainment systems, blasting from speakers or playing in our ears, or at a concert; music is way of life. From serene sounds to boy bands, amazing singers to old favourites we listen and are exposed to music in many facets of life, and promotional music related items are a fun way to get your brand seen. Branded earphones, multi-coloured headphones, wifi speakers and even sound -responsive LED bracelets and t-shirts or a few of the promotional music products that are great for promotions, gift-with-purchases, events and and giveaways! .... read more
Easter Bunny is looking for you!. - Feb 27, 2017
It's time to put on your bunny ears and start thinking about chocolate! Easter is hopping up fast and who can say no to chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Whether it is for your clients, employees or as a gift, our Branded Easter options will hit the spot. Put your message on promotional Easter themed items like bunny gift boxes, Easter noodle boxes, branded pill boxes or even business cards of Easter eggs, jelly beans, sugared almonds or chocolate balls. So make the most of the Easter festivities and get your brand seen or contact APD Promotions for a customised .... read more
Surfing, Surfing, Surfing! - Feb 24, 2017
Catch some waves or just some rays before the Aussie summer draws to a close! Surfing is a way of life to a lot Australians and events like the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly, Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, Margaret River Pro and the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach show the skills of this sport. Events like major surfing carnivals as well as surf club carnivals are great for sponsorship! So promote that sponsorship or run a surfing themed promotion with branded t-shirts, sunhats, beach towels, water bottles, sunscreen, beach umbrellas and coolers. Surfing themed promotional items range from .... read more
Promotional Fitness Bands - Feb 16, 2017
The fitness, health and wellbeing industry is continuing to grow as people recognise the importance of work and life balance as well as the role of health in both physical and mental wellbeing. There so many options: from yoga, pilates, martial arts and tai chi, to jogging and swimming, personal training and the gym. Promotional fitness bands are a great way to track your daily exercise and a great way to keep motivated. Handy wearable watch sized fitness bands are an alternative to the traditional pedometer and you can track your progress through an app! Fitness bands are great as .... read more
Have Fun with Customised Promotional Inflatables - Feb 15, 2017
Flamingos, gold swans, rainbow unicorns, pineapples and rubber ducks - at the beach or in the pool -summer fun with inflatables has just begun! From floating drink holders to 2 person floats, inflatables are everywhere. Promotional inflatables are a great idea for summer events, campaigns and gifts. These summer essentials will get your brand seen this summer so get your name out there with a promotional inflatable flamingo, floating island cup holder, large watermelon beach ball, inflatable swan lounger or rainbow unicorn float! Can't find what you are looking for, talk to us and we can custom make almost any .... read more
Get Active! - Feb 2, 2017
Get your running shoes on, grab your bicycle or hit the waves and challenge yourself! Maybe it’s a charity fun run, weekend marathon or ocean swim -there are lots of events to get your blood pumping like the Sun Run and Cole Classic, Sydney to Gong, Running Festivals, City to Surf just to name a few! Whether it’s for a charity, to raise money for a worthy cause or as an individual challenge or goal there are events throughout the year, all over Australia and around the world. You may be joining a team, organising a corporate charity team, .... read more
Rafael Nadal is here! - Jan 18, 2017
Its tennis season again here in Australia and the heat is on! Centre court is set to showcase some of the best players in the world. We heard Rafael Nadal is here as well. Whether a spectator at the matches or an avid social player, tennis is a great year round sport, and a great opportunity for your promotional giveaways. You can promote your business, print your logo, contact details and web address, on many tennis related items. See your brand on everything tennis related from sweatbands, visors, sunglasses, tennis balls, tees, active wear, socks, gym towels, backpacks and sports .... read more
Feeling Hot Hot Hot! - Jan 18, 2017
Have you been out today? If you live in NSW, QLD, SA or Victoria, it is sweltering. As we sweat through another long hot summer and enjoy our beautiful beaches, ways to keep the heat at bay are on our minds. Summer beach promotions are always a hit so get your brand out there with a summer related promotional item. Enjoy the day with promotional frisbees, Velcro catch sets, kite and beach cricket set, all of which are great for summer events! Take on the heat with hand fans, fan water squirters, sun hats, and cooling towels, and of course .... read more
HO! HO! HO!!!! - Nov 16, 2016
The weather is heating up, Christmas trees are appearing in shopping centres and Santa’s will be arriving there soon! Christmas is a great time to give gifts to staff, customers, clients and associates. Get your Christmas wishes across with candy canes and chocolates, custom Christmas baubles and decorations, or send a Christmas message with picnic sets, coffee sets, water jug sets or candles. Promotional events and Christmas parties are a must this season and why not add to the celebrations with promotional Santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, Christmas fairy wings just to name a few! .... read more
Get your bets on! The Melbourne cup is almost here! - Oct 26, 2016
The race that stops the nation is almost here – bring on the Melbourne cup! Whether or not you are frocking up or planning a team event for the Melbourne Cup, it’s a great event for everyone! And sporting events are a large feature on the Spring/summer calendar - from horse racing to car racing, motorbikes to tennis, cricket to surfing! Sponsorship of sporting events is a great way to promote your brand, and sporting events provide a great place to promote your products. So showcase your sponsorship with promotional t-shirts, caps, backpacks, sports balls, branded sun creams, fans .... read more
BOO! - Oct 10, 2016
Ghosts, witches, ghouls, zombies, vampires, skeletons and mummies come out to play - Halloween is coming! So make the most of Halloween and get your tricks and treats ready for your Halloween promotion. Halloween themed promotional items such as glow in the dark products, haunting tote bags, custom Halloween inflatables, and, of course chocolates, lollies, mints and jellybeans! .... read more
Get ready for the 2016 Rio Olympics! - Aug 5, 2016
Tomorrow the Olympic torch will arrive at its destination and the 2016 Summer Olympics will begin! Good luck to all the athletes competing! While we can’t all get to the Olympics to support our team, supporting your local team is a great way to enjoy your favourite sports, as is participating. Supporter gear can be a great way to fund-raise for your team – from promotional key rings and stickers, to infuser water bottles and caps, fold-up chairs and promotional umbrellas, there are heaps of opportunities!.... read more
Lights, Camera, Action! - Jul 1, 2016
Whether you are skiing, cycling, surfing, hiking, horse riding, practicing your archery or completing a fun run capture your experience with a mounted action cam! The latest in promotional gear these cams are versatile and make an excellent promotional gift! Action cams have all the makings of a great promotional item and can be branded to get your name seen, they also tick all the boxes for active events from family fun runs to cycling events! .... read more
First Aid Kits are here! - Jun 10, 2016
It pays to have a first aid kit on hand at home, in the car, in your hiking bag, when you are cycling and even just for a day at the park. First aid kits tailored to specific activities are great way to provide a useful promotional product for events, fun activities and targeted sporting groups. Promotional first aid kits cater to many activities, from walking, bikes, skiing, golfing, even camping, and they come in many sizes. .... read more
Winter is here...finally! - Jun 1, 2016
The days are short, the nights long, there's a chill in the air and snow is falling! Winter has finally arrived and it's time to rug up and enjoy the weather. Seasonal promotional products have great appeal and high usage which is a great way to get your brand seen. Winter promotional items such as travel mugs, coffee cups, gloves, rugs, beanies and scarves are just a few ideas that are great for the winter months and can be customised for your brand. So make the most of the season and get your name seen!.... read more
Bottles for every need. - May 11, 2016
Water bottles and travel mugs are a must have for many people in our fast paced world, whether they are on the morning commute, the school run, off to the gym, a morning run or just taking the dog for a walk – even the dog has a water bottle! Promotional water bottles are a great idea to showcase your brand and there are so many options. From traditional water bottles to the custom shaped bottles, bottles with in built filters, promotional protein shakers with separate compartments for your protein powder, bottles with built-in infusers, shakers with mixer balls to .... read more
It's getting cold out there... - Apr 12, 2016
While we have enjoyed a mild Autumn so far there is a decided chill in the air as we get deeper into Autumn. The long nights are perfect for cuddling up under a blanket inside and sipping hot chocolate while watching a movie. Picnics and long drives to admire the Autumn scenery are also a great idea at this time of year. Promotional picnic rugs, camping chairs and blankets are great ideas for promotional products for Autumn as are branded eskys, travel cups, thermos and picnic sets! And let the kids, big and small, have some fun while promoting your .... read more
It's almost kick off! - Mar 2, 2016
Footy season kicks off with a bang this week! So cheer on your team with support gear! Whether you are at home or at the game don your team colours and show your support! From scarves to jerseys to inflatable hands you can show your allegiance! From the junior league to the A league you can show your support, with team branded water bottles, caps, fold-up chairs, sports bags and travel cups for the team and its supporters! Make the most of your sponsorship, local or national, with footy themed items from stress balls to key rings, umbrellas to chair .... read more
Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Easter is coming! - Feb 25, 2016
Hunting for Easter ideas? Then hop to it this Easter and get your brand seen with promotional items. Choose from a range of Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter bilbies, Easter chickens and Easter ladybugs, just to name a few! Or think outside the box and get creative this Easter with promotional kitchenware. There are lots of fun ideas for Easter with mints, pill packets of jellybeans, buckets of M & M's, mint cards, tins of snakes or custom chocolates with your logo! And while the kids are looking for the Easter bunny and filling up those baskets with eggs, parents .... read more
Happy Chinese New Year! - Feb 8, 2016
Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year from the team at APD Promotions..... read more
Australia Day Promotion - Jan 11, 2016
Are you ready for your Australia Day Promotion Campaign? It is a great occasion for getting your brand noticed and we can help to get your campaign underway. Get involved in the sun, excitement, and pride this Australia Day with branded sun visors, tongs, things, sunscreen, beach balls and more. Ask us for ideas on how to make the most of your event for your brand through specialty customised products. Celebrate this Australia Day and get your brand noticed..... read more
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016... - Jan 4, 2016
APD Promotions wish you happy and prosperous 2016. Hope you all had a lovely break. Now that the new year has started, this is probably a good time to think about your promotional product requirements for the year. Chinese New Year is also around the corner, so it is important to keep that in mind when planning your factory direct purchases. Several new products are being introduced in 2016, so be sure to ask us for some unique new ideas for your next campaign. High volume GWPs require a long lead time, so plan ahead. There are just so many .... read more
Christmas Cheer! - Dec 7, 2015
With only 18 days until Christmas the countdown has well and truly begun. Christmas parties, carols, candy canes and Christmas lights are out to celebrate. Enjoy the season and pass on some Christmas cheer Corporate gifts are part and parcel of the season and it’s not too late to get in with a last minute present for your staff and clients. Gifts from serious to fun, hampers to wine, picnic baskets to fitness monitors, selfie sticks to beach towels, candles to water bottles, there are so many corporate promotional gifts to choose from! So get in quick and contact .... read more
Looking for Beach Balls? - Nov 27, 2015
If you are looking for Promotional Beach Balls for your next promotion, you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of beach balls, in all sizes and colours. Our customised beach balls can be made in your choice of colour with multi-colour printing on all panels. Want something unique? How about a beach ball with your product as an inflatable insert. Just contact us, and let us do the rest..... read more
Feeling hot hot hot! - Nov 26, 2015
The weather is heating up and summer seems to be off to an early start, and summer means water sports and of course, the beach! Summer based promotions provide a great opportunity to get your brand out there and seen, and there are so many options! You can customise promotional products with your logo, your colours, or even a customised shape. At APD promotions we can create a promotional product with impact from custom beach towels, sun hats, sunscreen, beach balls, cooler bags and beach chairs to custom shaped inflatables, barbecue sets, fans and fridges there are so many possibilities! .... read more
Australian Cricket Season is here... - Nov 5, 2015
Well summer is almost upon us and that means its time for the cricket! And today the season hits off with the first Test at the GABBA with Australia and New Zealand. Australians love their cricket and they are not the only ones, so cricket themed promotions appeal! Promotional sunhats, cricket themed items such as pens, stress balls, cricket bat keyrings and USB's are just a few ideas and then there are backyard or beach cricket sets, branded fans, stubby holders and seat cushions. So check out our range of sports items and cricket themed promotional products or contact us .... read more
Movember Moustache Madness - Sep 18, 2015
Whiskers to whiskers, beard to beard. Stubble and bristle, grow your goatee dear, for the hairiest month is almost here! In the start of November let us begin with a roster, promotional products to address male health and disorder. Let us spare them some cash to add in their stash, in the next 30 days there is a thousand and one ways! Choices over choices of innovative promotional ideas and corporate gifts, just give us a call and we will surely help ya! Plan ahead with us and keep updated with the trends, so you do not find yourself regretful .... read more
Technology Driven Promotional Products - Aug 4, 2015
Not too long ago, PizzaHut Hong Kong launched the Block Buster Box, a pizza box that you can use as a smart phone projector. Now, KFC Canada has launched the Memories Bucket which is a Bluetooth photo printer. Will this be the new "thing" in promotional merchandise? An instant GWP? Soon, we will know. As technology becomes smaller and cheaper and the manufacturing cost gets lower, We will probably see more of these next generation custom packaging in the market..... read more
Get Your Father's Day Gear - Jul 30, 2015
With Winter more than half way through and Spring season approaching, its time to welcome its first Sunday with The World's Greatest -- it's Father's Day! So, its time for children of all ages to give him those 1-2-3 knockout punches by surprising him with things that he loves best -- from promotional barbecue sets to his favorite gadgets, to his water sports and ball game gears, to his customised car accessories and polos that would last through the years. Simple things that really matter, it's the thought that counts a lot. And you could almost hear a pin drop .... read more
August Fireside Festival - Jul 22, 2015
August is coming and with it is Canberra’s month-long Fireside Festival. It is time for your customers to enjoy the fire with good red wine, awesome performances, inspiring exhibitions, and winter packages that will wow the foodies in them. Serve your hot chocolates in customised mugs and gluhwein in engraved crystal glasses. Source out fire-branded food boards and custom plates for your Degustation events. Give them a memorable month with promotional items that they can keep as souvenirs from their gastronomic trip. Contact us for consultation on customised promotional item needs and marketing solution to make your brand stand out. .... read more
EOFY is fast approaching - May 22, 2015
With the end of the year fast approaching there is still time to get your business seen with a quick turnaround promotion and support local businesses. Your brand can be seen on everything from umbrella’s to rulers, lanyards to travel mugs, backpacks to tees, there are so many options. And with the end of financial year it’s time to start planning for the next financial year and your promotional ideas for the next 12 months. With preparation and longer lead times custom promotional items can be designed and delivered to Australia and worldwide, so start planning for the new financial .... read more
Winter sports are on their way! - Mar 5, 2015
As Autumn starts ovals all over the southern hemisphere start to get busy with training session and matches, and the TV’s all over Australia in be tuning in this week to watch as the NRL Premier league kicks off! Whether it’s watching the Premier league or just playing with your local club sports promotional gear is a great way to be seen. Kit bags with backpacks, balls and water bottles branded with your club or with sponsors names are a great gift for your players! Promotional scarfs, beanies, coffee mugs, umbrella’s, folding chairs, jackets and even picnic rugs are just .... read more
Hop, hop, hop, Easter is on its way! - Mar 4, 2015
With the start of Autumn it’s time to think chocolate! Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter bilbies, Easter chickens and Easter ladybugs! Chocolate and confectionery are popular promotional items for children and adults alike! Whether its single mints, pill packets of jellybeans, buckets of M & M’s, mint cards, tins of snakes or custom chocolates with your logo promotional lollies are a great promotion idea for giveaways, at events and conferences! So check out our range of promotional confectionery or contact us for a customised promotional confectionery!.... read more
Happy Valentine's Day - Feb 9, 2015
Valentine's day is here again. While Red roses, heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears are all the rage some may prefer to do something romantic like a picnic, a romantic dinner, a sunset stroll by the beach or even a special dinner at home. This special day is also an opportunity for businesses to celebrate these events and bring a smile to their staff, clients and market with a branded promotional product! Put your logo on a promotional ball, a giant inflatable, a coffee cup or a picnic blanket and celebrate!.... read more
Ozzie, Ozzie Ozzie! Oi, Oi, Oi! - Jan 22, 2015
Every year Australia heralds the end of the summer holidays and Aussies all around the country enjoy the day at barbecues, trips to the beach, fun at the park or just relaxing with friends around the pool. As always Australia day is filled with events and promotional products for the day are a great way to get your brand seen. Promotion items, whether themed Australia ones or just branded are excellent ways to celebrate the day. Promotional products like face paint, frisbees, kites, beach towels, caps, stubby holders and of course the inflatable thongs are just a few ways of .... read more
Happy New Year! - Jan 5, 2015
The New Year has started off with a bang all over the world and we at APD Promotions wish you happy and prosperous year so enjoy the long summer days and holidays. With the new year started its good time to think about promotional events and products as well as gift with purchase promotions. Gift with purchase promotions are a great way to highlight your products and create customer goodwill, and there are so many ideas for these promotions that can complement your products or services, everything from t-shirts to sarongs, beach towels to sun shelters, socks to thongs, the .... read more
Merry Christmas to everyone! - Dec 23, 2014
As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our business. It\'s been quite a year for us all! We hope that this year has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you in the years to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!.... read more
Still time to order Christmas Gifts - Dec 12, 2014
ONLY 13 days left to Christmas! But don\'t panic, we can still arrange your deliveries on time if you act quickly. We have tons of stuff that will make you a star with your colleagues or clients. So find your perfect Corporate Christmas Gift from our online catalogue. Gift bags, branded picnic sets, Santa USBs, promotional cooler bags, coffee sets, watches and clocks are just a few of the promotional ideas. And if can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you..... read more
Plan your Australia Day Promo now! - Dec 11, 2014
With festival season upon us, and most of us heading for long holidays, it is easy to forget that Australia Day is not far ahead. And this is the time to be organising your Australia Day Promotional gear. Whether you are sponsoring an event or just participating in a show, there are plenty of Australia Day related promo items in our range such as; Australian Flag Tattoos, soft Koala's and Kangaroo's, inflatable thongs, Aussie Beach Balls, BBQ related items, or just choose from our thousands of items that can be branded with your logo. Unsure of what you need? Contact .... read more
Summer is almost here! - Nov 28, 2014
Summer is just around the corner and what better way to enjoy it than getting out and about. Picnics, events, fireworks, barbecues or just a day at the beach are all part of the summer fun! Targeting promotional products for the seasons can be a great way to get your brand seen while providing a useful promotional product that will be reused. Promotional beach balls, branded towels, caps, sunglasses, stubby holders, BBQ sets, balls, frisbees, kites, hand fans and even beach sun shelters are just a few ideas for a memorable summer promotion..... read more
And the winner is... - Nov 3, 2014
Tomorrow marks the 154th Melbourne Cup and people will flock to Flemington to watch the horses race. Whether at the local pub, in the office meeting room, at a luncheon, at the TAB or even online many Australians will view the most watched horse race in Australia. With sports involving animals and animal team mascots promotional animal shaped items are common promotional products with full customised items available to met any demand. Contact us and we can help you find the most suitable promotional products for your event..... read more
The Spring racing carnival has begun! - Oct 31, 2014
The race that stops the nation is almost here and Derby day kicks off the Melbourne cup! Have you placed your bets? Whether you are attending the races or just watching with work colleagues hope you have a great day. Events like the Melbourne cup are great ways to use promotional products to get your brand seen! Animal themed items, branded umbrellas, marquees, hand fans, wineglasses are just few promotional ideas for events!.... read more
Its Halloween..... - Oct 27, 2014
Halloween is here and with each year its popularity in Australia is growing. So be prepared to get a little spooky and hand out candy to witches, vampires and ghosts. In the promotional products industry candy or confectionary has long been a favourite. Jars filled with jellybeans, pocket mints, lollypops, snakes or sour worms are just a few promotional confectionary ideas that appeal to both young and old..... read more
Loom Bands are here!!! - Oct 9, 2014
We are excited to announce that Loom bands have hit the promotional product market! The loom band craze hit Australia earlier this year and, right in time for Christmas, loom band promotional packs have arrived! The loom bands have been hugely popular with children and would be ideal for as a promotion product targeting children and schools. Loom bands would also be ideal at events and exhibition to keep children occupied. Contact us NOW, and let your brand be seen everywhere..... read more
Tri-axis 3D Pedometers are here... - Sep 10, 2014
Check out our wide range of pedometers. Specially this new style 3D pedometer, which is a registered design, and uses latest technology to provide high accuracy of step counts. It uses Tri-axis technology (accelerometer) and can be worn anywhere on the body. Any regular body movements are tracked by the pedometer. So if you are rowing, cycling and doing other fitness activities, this pedometer can track all kinds of movements. This is the quietest pedometer in the market as there are no moving parts inside. You will be amazed at the size of this tiny pedometer (49x25x19mm), which takes .... read more
Father's Days Promotional Gifts - Sep 4, 2014
Don't forget that the Father's day is just around the corner. If you have left it to the last minute, there is still time to get some Promotional Gifts that can be delivered in 2-3 days time. From Bluetooth Speakers, Multipurpose Tools, Stubby Holders, LED Torches, there is a lot to choose from our wide range of promotional products..... read more
Spring is in the air. - Sep 3, 2014
With the arrival of Spring we can look forward to longer days, warmer weather and outdoor activities. So if you are planning a promotion or event, find the perfect Spring promotional product to get your brand seen. We have a range of spring promotional items from 3D pedometers, picnic rugs, water bottles, tote bags, mini speakers, sports balls and gym towels are just a few of the ideas on our website for Spring promotional products. .... read more
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