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Promotional Products for the NRL Grand Final Date:Jul 22, 2014

The 108th National Rugby League (NRL) Grand Final just around the corner, everyone is getting pumped up. The Grand Final is slated for October 5th, 2014—and ANZ Stadium in Sydney is expected to be packed. Last year’s official attendance was a whopping 81,491! Not surprising, as NRL is one of the country’s major—and largest-attended—sporting events

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MARATHON Promotional Products Date:Jul 14, 2014

Australia boasts of some of the biggest and most popular running events in the world. Almost dotting every month of the year, marathons are held in just about every Australian State and Territory, attracting participants from all over the world. Whether professionals or simply fun runners, there is always an event for everyone.

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Sales Driven Promotional Items in the Real Estate Industry Date:May 30, 2014
The real estate industry is a busy and dynamic industry with highly energised and enthusiastic staff. They are all geared up for that exciting deal that can earn them their commission. When you have a new property development that you’re planning to launch, you would definitely need to mobilize your brokers and sales agents. The marketing department will surely be planning a huge and fun-filled sales event for your property brokers and investors. One way to boost your event is those novel giveaways branded with your company logo – a good way to promote the company image and its ideals. .... Read More
Sourcing Customised Promotional Products Directly From The Factory Date:May 16, 2014
So many clients inquire about factory direct services for promotional products, but are usually not aware of what is involved in this type of purchase. This is especially true for promotional products where clients are looking for the cheapest products available that offer maximum return. Factory direct promotional products are not just about supplying merchandise with a client logo — it offers much more customisation than that. .... Read More
How To Choose The Best Promotional Soccer Balls Date:Apr 18, 2014

If you are a marketing manager tasked to run a soccer-related promotion but has never played the game before, or maybe a previous player? Perhaps a diehard fan? Then you are reading the right article. This may be a valuable information which you can use if you are planning the same or similar type of promotion.

The best item that you may want to consider for this type of promotion is the soccer ball itself. Promotional companies like APD Promotions

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Common Decoration Method: Screen Printing Date:Apr 9, 2014

Screen printing, also known as “serigraphy” in the world of art, is probably one of the most common forms of printing technique. This is due to it being simple enough to be taught to children and versatile enough to be used on different surfaces, including T-shirts, plastic cups, buckets, large-scale prints, and decals.

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Are you looking for the Best Promotional Rugby Balls? Date:Apr 7, 2014
If you live in Australia, you know the importance of rugby. Even if you don’t know much about the game, chances are you know people who do. Especially if you are managing promotional events that are related to this sport.

If you are clueless about the game, do not panic. Below are good pointers on how to choose the best promotional rugby balls or rugby related item. .... Read More
The 10,000 Steps Corporate Challenge Date:Mar 25, 2014
Walking and running are definitely my ideal forms of exercises. First of all, they are free, and secondly, they can either be a solo or group activity.

In my search to find a way to accurately monitor my progress to a healthier lifestyle-so that I can also share the results with colleagues and friends-I was struck by the sudden question: Are the kilometers walked what really matters? Or is it the number of steps? .... Read More
Corporate Visibility in a Beautiful Game: Socceroos 2014! Date:Mar 13, 2014
With the unveiling of the Socceroos '2014 World Cup playing kit, the buzz is likely to gather more momentum around Socceroos' promotional products in the line up to the much awaited 2014 FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup Brazil game fixtures. .... Read More
What Are The Best Promotional Products? Date:Jan 13, 2014
The benefits of promotional products are enormous and they do the trick in exposing/propagating/promoting a brand. They are the best tried and tested method of promotional strategy but, there are certain things one has known in order to get promotional campaign down to a fine art. .... Read More
Most Cost Effective Promotional products Date:Jan 8, 2014
There are instances that we get clients that would ask us for ideas on what a good promotional item is. The following are probably the most common items that we take an order for. .... Read More
Australia Day and Your Brand Date:Jan 7, 2014
History makes us understand who we are and how we came to be. In its records are defining moments that makes us who we are today. Human societies have the tradition of celebrating these important events as they have shaped our present lives.
Australia Day is an important event that marked the birth of the present Australia or a day of celebration for the foundation of British settlements. This Day is celebrated annually on 26th of January as a national holiday with thousands of large and small events taking place across the nation. This day, as there are free barbeques, concerts, beach parties, festivals, etc, provides the best opportunity for businesses to reach out far and wide. .... Read More
Top 10 Mistakes People Make When They Use Promotional Products Date:Dec 17, 2013
One of the most effective method of advertising is through promotional products. They bear extensive importance in a marketing strategy be it internal or external. .... Read More
How to choose Promotional Products Date:Nov 28, 2013
We all love gifts and freebies! This is the reason why we tend to develop attraction towards the 'gift-er'. Promotional products are the most effective and cost-effective way of branding and advertising your business. Choosing the right item is the key to enhance the most successful of promotional campaigns.
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