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Customized Promotional Items - Indent Orders


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How to Save Money Through Indent Promotions?

Indent promotions is a means to give you big impact for your promotional dollar. We can source your product, make it to your specific design and deliver it to you direct from the factory with indent. And it doesn’t necessarily mean a long lead time. Made to order indent promotional products are the best way to give an impact to your promotion. With indent we source directly from the factories, its made to YOUR order with YOUR design.

indent promortional products

Indent means that products are made to order and sourced directly from the factory. Especially for Promotional Products, this is a critical component of any large scale campaign as products can also be customized through an indent order.

indent promotional products

There are major benefits of using indent. Firstly, the choice of variations available with indent is quite significant. The buyer can specify a particular style, fabric or colour for their product and can also have the flexibility of branding all over the product wherever physically possible. The second major advantage is reduced prices, particularly in the case of large quantity orders as fixed costs are spread across a larger volume.

If you have a reasonable lead time, we can supply goods direct from factory, thereby saving you up to 70%. Some indent orders can be fulfilled in little as 10 days depending on the items. Smaller items can usually be  delivered in 2-3 weeks using air freight whereas bulky items such as Beach Towels may need 10-12 weeks by sea freight, but smaller quantities may be brought-in earlier by air freight for advertising material. Another major advantage of going indent is that you can place your branding/message more creatively on the items as we are in direct contact with the factories. In many cases, product itself can be modified or customized to suit your specific needs, or it can be tailor made.

Almost all of the items on our website can be ordered as indent if you have large enough quantities. This allows you to take advantage of cheaper prices while getting options not available such as different materials, additional colours, custom shapes and custom designs.

If you do not need your total order at one time, you can still use the benefits of indent and produce your long term requirement and store it in our warehouse and then distribute periodically. If you order a wide range of products, we can stock them and set up an online catalogue systems specifically for your company which can allow your company/suppliers/clients to place online orders for your items and they can pay with credit card or through an online payment gateway.

See below some of the indent order examples:


sourcing company australia
sourcing company australia
sourcing company australia


10,000pcs of custom sized aprons were produced and delivered in 30 days for the Veterans Health Week.

digital camera
Mini digital cameras supplied to Tenex with their own branding for their annual event.

1500pcs of mini netballs with logo printed on 6 panels, produced and supplied within 30 days.

High quality soccer balls supplied with logo printing on 12 panels for Weetbix soccer ball promotion

beach ball
Produced and delivered 400,000 beach balls with 4 colour print on 2 position, to client in UK within 30 days

Special purpose custom produced tents for an outdoor event, with extra waterproofing on the material and large branding. 1000pcs produced and delivered in 26 days.

car shades
Custom size folding car shades for RACV.  4 colour printing.

Inflatable cushion with bottle/can holder. 10,000pcs produced and supplied in 28 days.

caps     caps     caps   

Hats with custom made metal buckle.

leather wallet     leather wallet     leather wallet

Leather Wallets with customised pockets with pen holder and custom made notepads.

mini soccer

6000 Mini Soccer Balls supplied in 25 days

sim cards     sim card

4 Colour printing on both sides of the Slim USB Card.


Mp3 Player with 4 colour printing


Step Pedometers under $1 based on 10,000pcs.

USB Massager

USB Massager, direct from factory.

afl soccer     afl soccer     afl soccer     afl soccer

Mutipanel printing on mini AFL Ball. Balls can be made in any custom colour. Made from Synthetic rubber for better non-slip grip.

wireles poerpoint
Wireless Powerpoint Presenter with Laser Pointer, 4 colour printing on the unit and on the gift box. 

beach ball     beach ball

90cm Beach Ball with 4 colour printing

zorb ball
3 meter high Zorb Ball – included harness for 2 persons inside.

Beach towel
Beach towels with full colour printing

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