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Aria Stereo Sound

Aria Stereo Sound
Code : APD-PI-BC114
$50.00 to $100.00
Includes a built in microphone for hands-free phone/conference calls. Micro USB charge cable, charge case and user manual are included.

Material: Aluminium, Rubber
Colour Available: Metallic Grey

Wireless connectivity CSR Bluetooth v4.2
True wireless stereo 6 mm drivers
Excellent moisture resistant (IP55)
Play time: > 4 hours
Built in microphone for hands-free phone/conference call
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 400 mAh

Price range based on order quantity of 100 pcs.

Please note that the price ranges shown above are indicative only and are based on large quantity orders and must not be considered as the final quoted price. Please contact us if your order quantity is lower/higher than the quantity mentioned above. Pricing may not include branding. Product features listed against each item are as per claims from their manufacturers/suppliers.

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